The Obligatory First Entry

Well, here we are…  i’ve decided to start keeping this journal to log the story of my somewhat-self-imposed exile to Branson, Missouri, one of my least favorite places in the entire United States of America.  But who am i?  Why did i do this to myself?  Why don’t i capitalize self-referential pronouns?!  Hopefully i’ll be able to answer at least some of these questions here…

First things first:  i won’t tell you my real name, and i will not be linking this blog to my personal Facebook page.  i will instead go by the nom de plume of simon.  That being said, some of you out there will figure out who i am.  Some of you will recognize my writing style, some of you will catch on from the interests i will be talking about in the entries to come.  Those of you who i really like and trust implicitly will know who i am from the very start (because i will have sent you here to read…).  Rest assured that there is a reason for this secrecy, and for those of you who do figure out who i am, please keep that knowledge to yourself, except within the bounds of personal conversation with me.

The main reason for my desire for anonymity has to do with the sort of content that i will be posting in this journal.  As the main reason i have returned to Branson is to follow the start of my professional career in the education field, maintaining a curtain of anonymity will allow me the plausible deniability to truly express myself on a number of subjects without fearing for the safety of my job in this highly conservative region.

But now, a little bit about myself:  i am a recent college graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, currently working on a Master’s Degree.  i am a tremendous nerd in regard to a multitude of subjects, ranging from science fiction to literature.  i’m a bisexual, progressive, atheist kinkster.  You have been warned.  My posts will likely range stylistically from stream-of-conscious ramblings to planned and meticulously edited essays.  Again, you have been warned.  Finally, despite being featured on the Branson Freethinkers website, i will not deal entirely with issues pertaining directly to atheism, skepticism, and science.  The topics of my posts will range over a great deal of issues…

-status reports of how my life as a fish out water is progressing (these will likely often become rants)

-my opinions/reviews of books, movies, and nerdy television shows

-philosophical musings

-political observations and statements

-short fiction

-thoughts on the BDSM lifestyle and my place in it as a submissive

-other potpourri as i see fit

Any entries that contain details of my personal sex life or proclivities will be preceded by a disclaimer so that those who wish to avoid TMI can be duly warned.  If i haven’t scared you away at this point, feel free to read on!

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