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Other People’s Work: “Let’s Talk About Bisexuality and Biphobia”

Read this!  Seriously.  Go read it right now.  This post about bisexuality and biphobia expresses the issue so much better than i probably ever could.  It is a great piece of writing.  Go read it!

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The Three Magic Words: A Shy Polyamorous Perspective

“i love you.” It’s a simple enough sentence… single-syllable words, subject-verb-object… writing it barely occupies any space at all. But this tiny, seemingly insignificant declarative sentence is one of the most powerful in the English language. It has the ability … Continue reading

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Dip In A Toe? To Hell With That, i’ll Dive Right Back In!

[Writer’s Note: This entry deals with my BDSM proclivities in some detail.  Readers who wish to avoid such content are advised to skip it.  You have been warned.] Last night i went to a play party with some friends, one … Continue reading

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Quickies: Resetting The Clock, and An Update…

So… exactly one week ago i had another seizure.  This time, strictly speaking, i hadn’t missed any doses of my medication, though i did take one of my pills rather late.  Last Saturday night i spent a long time hanging out … Continue reading

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