Quickies: Resetting The Clock, and An Update…

So… exactly one week ago i had another seizure.  This time, strictly speaking, i hadn’t missed any doses of my medication, though i did take one of my pills rather late.  Last Saturday night i spent a long time hanging out with friends.  We were just enjoying each other’s company when my reminder alarm to take my pill went off.  i dismissed the alarm, saying that i would take my pill the moment i got home.  Taking my pill a few hours late had never been a problem before.

We kept talking and hanging out, then it was suddenly 5:00 AM Sunday morning (time flies).  My friends brought me home, and i went downstairs and immediately took my pill, then headed to my room to go to bed.  As i was taking my shoes off, the seizure hit.  It was a real shock (well, it always is when i have a seizure) because i’ve never had one break through so quickly like that.  i have occasionally gone to bed without taking my evening pill, simply forgetting about it, then realized my mistake in the morning and taken both my previous evening and morning pill at the same time.  i have never had a seizure in the ensuing timeframe like that before, and i had no reason to suspect that i might before the one hit last week.

So reset that whole “Return to Driving” clock from November to March.  Shit.

i have since seen my doctor, and he has referred me to a neurologist, since i haven’t really seen one since i was about 16…  And i should probably start seeing a psychologist again, too…

i was already having trouble with depression-related issues before this happened.  Now it’s just that much worse; i had a lot of suicidal ideation taking place inside my skull for about 48 hours following the seizure.  And it’s spilling into my writing, one of my main outlets, too–i’ve tried starting several longer posts on this blog, but i just can’t get the words to flow just right… and i’ve got a couple of posts that i really need to get off my chest that keep buzzing around inside my skull but just won’t come out properly.  Maybe this little update will unclog things a bit…

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