Quickies: i’m a Mentor?! i’m a Mentor!

Recent developments have occurred…

When i went to the party a week and a half or so ago, i met a brand-new-to-BDSM submissive.  She and i talked about a bunch of stuff, and after the play scene that i have already chronicled in an earlier post, she helped out with some of my aftercare.  There was something about her that just felt comfortable, especially when she basically read my mind and came and rubbed my back after my scene ended and the partner i played with was called away.  So i decided to trust her and opened up about a lot of my personal history… and then she opened up and shared about her own history…  We were pretty fast friends.

So then this past weekend i heard through my play partner from the party that this new sub had asked about the possibility of me mentoring her in the lifestyle.  To tell the truth, this really caught me by surprise.  i’ve had some experience with BDSM, sure, but i’ve really only been seriously involved for about 5 or 6 years… not long at all, in the grand scheme of things.  There are people out there who have forgotten more about BDSM than i will probably ever know, so i almost feel like i still need a mentor myself a lot of the time.  i sent her a message to let her know that i had heard of her request, and that i would do my best to impart what little wisdom i have gleaned over the past few years.

It’s been about 4 days since then, and i’ve already helped some in talking her through her first sub drop (still in progress, and complicated by rather unfortunate unique factors, but it seems to be improving slightly) and given her pointers on taking care of herself as a submissive and things to look for in potential dominants, to name a few.  In the process, she and i have already become even closer friends.  Meanwhile, i’m not only finding out that i know a lot more of value than i thought i did, but i’m also finding a real sense of personal fulfillment in being able to help her by being there for her to answer questions, reassure, or simply provide a friendly ear.

So, yes… i never would have seen it coming, but i am a mentor.  i am proud to be a mentor.  Moreover, i am proud to be mentoring this particular individual.  And i am especially proud of her for the enormous progress she has already made.

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