Poetry: “Nightfall In My Room”

[Writer’s Note: My poetry is really nothing special.  It lacks a certain subtlety that would make it so much better.  That being said, sometimes i just have to write a poem.  Something… usually some emotion… needs to get out, and so the text just flows out of me like a river.  This is one of those times.  The emotions and ideas expressed in this piece have been banging around in my brain for a while now, and they just had to get out on paper this morning…  Also, Mild Content Warning]

“Nightfall In My Room”

A hollow pit in the base of my stomach,
A needy ache radiating in the skin,
A silent cry reverberating from the core of my being,
Screaming, begging, needing to be touched.

Tender and gentle or firm and forceful,
Pleasurable pain or a simple embrace,
My yearning is for any and all,
It does not discriminate.

A longing to connect, to feel myself merge with another,
Giving comfort, or even pleasure,
Feeling my joy amplified and reflected,
Touching another’s soul as well as body.

But there is no one,
No arms to hold me, no hands to touch me,
No one for me to touch in return,
And so, desperate, i touch myself.

i touch myself and reach release,
But as i come down from the peak,
There are still no arms to hold me, no hands to touch me,
Only a stuffed bear to cling to like a last, fading hope.

No connection is made.
My momentary pleasure is ultimately empty.

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