To Train Up A Child: a child abuse manual – Please support the campaign to get this banned

[Child Abuse Trigger Warning]

Gotta love it when child abuse is marketed as good advice… and on Amazon, no less! i’d already signed a petition to get this fucked up, repugnant shit taken off the site, but the word needs to be spread, because this stuff is absolutely horrible.

Ruth Jacobs

To Train a Child UP - The PearlsTrigger warning: child abuse, physical abuse

To Train Up A Child: a child abuse manual (via

‘To Train Up A Child’ is a parenting book by Michael and Debi Pearl of No Greater Joys Ministries. It’s the most sickening book I’ve ever come across.

You may have seen this book already. I stumbled across it after reading a post on Facebook outlining the death of a child in America who died at the hands of her parents who had been following the ‘Christian parenting advice’ given in this book and I have struggled to get it out of my head since.

You’ll have guessed this book is no ordinary book. After all, no ordinary book causes children to die…

Read the full article here.

And please sign the UK petition here and the US petition here.

If you are on Twitter please join us…

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