Quickies: Should i Actually Change The Blog’s Title?


i mean, renaming it to “Coming Out Four Times” would probably be more technically accurate, and there’s a big part of me that feels like staying with “Three Times” is choosing to tacitly ignore this new aspect that is slowly blooming and blossoming into my sense of self.

On the other hand, i’ve been using “Coming Out Three Times” as my blog title for the past two or three years now, and it’s also what i use as my Twitter handle, and until recently, my Tumblr identity as well.  So if i change the blog, i’ll have to at least change the Twitter name, too (i can actually do that, right?  i don’t spend much time on the Twitter…).  To be fair, if and when i do finally go back to Tumblr, i was already intending to change it to “Four Times.”

What if i changed the title that displays on the blog itself but left the web address as “comingout3x”?  Maybe that’s the way to go.  It makes it so people can still find me by the old address, but the title is more technically accurate.  Internet?  You didn’t say much about my Bard/Sorcerer dilemma, but i’m going to try putting this question to you as well for input…


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6 Responses to Quickies: Should i Actually Change The Blog’s Title?

  1. Wendy Owens says:

    Coming out three times is Suspenseful…makes you wonder…Omg, why would this person have to come out three times…I must read this blog to satisfy my curiosity…As for the Bard/Sorcerer? Sorry for I do not game….;)


  2. “three” has a better ring to it than “four”. Groups of three are sort of embedded in our subconscious from our environment as we grow up. I’d say leave it and don’t worry about technicality.

    There’s a youtube series I follow called “Conversations with my two year old”. Technically, his daughter is now 3, but he didn’t change the title. His reasoning is likely more business related: “Brand Identity” and all.

    I will say that I have found changing your brand midstream can cause loss of audience, but if you stick with it you could gain new following.

    Up to you, man.

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  3. I think it’s honestly less about the number of times of coming out, and more about the… it’s more an idea. It doesn’t need to be specific and true, it is a brand that makes people stop and think regardless.

    Also I agree with Ben Watkins that three is a number ingrained in us to be significant on both subconscious and conscious levels.


    • comingout3x says:

      That makes sense, and i also agree with the cultural significance of the number three. So instead of changing the title, i edited the subtitle to enfold the gender fluid part in with the pansexual facet of the original three (even though they’re not, strictly speaking, related). i also changed the blog’s theme so that the subtitle is actually visible. As much as i loved the previous theme, i really needed the subtitle to be on the front page…


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