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I’m done.

I won’t be writing here for the foreseeable future.  These last few posts I’ve written have had some massive unintended consequences.  While I still stand behind some (but definitely not all) of what I shared in them, I’ve decided to … Continue reading

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Other People’s Work: “Why I’m Angry: An Anti-Theist’s 78 Reasons”

[Author’s Note: i promise i’ll start posting original content on here again soon.  (i know, you’ve heard this before from me…)] This is a well-put-together list that very much jives with my own feelings on many of the subjects addressed.  It … Continue reading

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Other People’s Work: “7 Ways To Show Love To Someone With Anxiety/Depression”

Originally posted on Be Brave, and Talk:
The hardest people to love are the ones who need it most. In honour of Valentine’s Day, here are some ideas for showing love to friends and family members with anxiety/ depression: 1.)…

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It’s Not Quite Dead (Name) Yet…

[Author’s Note: So apparently a month between posts was too short, and i decided to go for a month and a half this time…  Seriously, though, i really do intend to make an effort to post more regularly on here.  i’ve … Continue reading

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Quickies: News Update 1/7/15 – UPDATED

Well, i had my neurologist appointment yesterday morning, and it was pretty good.  To begin with, the doctor said that my breakthrough seizure was probably at least partly due to my medication change, and my feeling fine since is more … Continue reading

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Not a Great Way To Start a New Year

[Author’s Note: Well, i’ve done it again… i’ve gone basically a full month without posting yet again, completely failing at posting with anything approaching regularity.  Maybe i need to make that one of my New Year’s Goals (i won’t say … Continue reading

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Breaking Yet Another Extended Silence: A Saga of Many Emotions

[Author’s Note: Honestly, i’m working on getting into a regular posting routine.  i really want to start posting at least once a week, if not more often.  Lately, though, i’ve just been blocked up entirely for writing.  i started a NaNoWriMo … Continue reading

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