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Help Me, Internet!

As all of my readers should know by now, i am a gamer, especially in the sense of tabletop roleplaying games.  So, when i started reading early buzz about Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition, i really started to get excited, especially … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Comic Book Movies and Inclusivity

So much for resolutions… i said i was going to try to write something on here every week… and that didn’t even last a month.  Nothing left to do but try to do better…  Anyway, tonight’s post is another one that … Continue reading

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Music In Review: On the Schizophrenic Musical Nature of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

i love film music.  i pretty much always have.  Ever since i first started humming the epic music of John Williams’ Star Wars and Indiana Jones scores to myself as a child of less than 5 years old, film music … Continue reading

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Quickies: Mid-November Check-In

So, yes, i have been very quiet in the world of WordPress lately.  This is mostly due to working on my novel for NaNoWriMo.  i’m right at about 35,000 words thus far, which is something like three days ahead of … Continue reading

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Gaming and Personality #2: So Long, Ravnica, I’m Going To Miss You

As i mentioned in Part 1 of what i think is going to wind up becoming a running series of posts that will expand beyond just being about Magic: The Gathering and grow to encompass the other nerdy games i … Continue reading

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Gaming and Personality

i’m a gamer.  i’ll take that identity upon myself, though i’m not sure that my definition of the word jives with that of most who would use it nowadays.  You see, i’m not actually talking about video games when i … Continue reading

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Somebody Gets It!

I’m a weirdo. But in a good way. When i read the first two sentences of this recent blog by Richard Carrier, i was instantly hooked.  i long ago embraced the label of “weirdo” to describe myself (though i’d often … Continue reading

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