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It’s Not Quite Dead (Name) Yet…

[Author’s Note: So apparently a month between posts was too short, and i decided to go for a month and a half this time…  Seriously, though, i really do intend to make an effort to post more regularly on here.  i’ve … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name?

It’s an interesting question to ask.  As Juliet rightly points out, our names do not truly define us as people.  Names, and really languages in general, are at their most basic level nothing more than arrangements of otherwise distinct sounds that … Continue reading

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Quickies: A Pronominal Predicament…

Some of you are aware that i have recently made the decision to change my personal pronouns to the perfectly grammatically acceptable gender-neutral singular pronoun set “they/them/their/they’re.”  This was a personal choice i made over the weekend, because i feel … Continue reading

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Quickies: Should i Actually Change The Blog’s Title?

Well? i mean, renaming it to “Coming Out Four Times” would probably be more technically accurate, and there’s a big part of me that feels like staying with “Three Times” is choosing to tacitly ignore this new aspect that is slowly … Continue reading

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Why i Will Not Be Renewing My Membership With American Atheists

It’s always disappointing when someone you have come to look up to says or does something that you simply can’t support.  It makes you question everything that has come before and creates a sense of cognitive dissonance in which you … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Comic Book Movies and Inclusivity

So much for resolutions… i said i was going to try to write something on here every week… and that didn’t even last a month.  Nothing left to do but try to do better…  Anyway, tonight’s post is another one that … Continue reading

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Quickies: Mid-November Check-In

So, yes, i have been very quiet in the world of WordPress lately.  This is mostly due to working on my novel for NaNoWriMo.  i’m right at about 35,000 words thus far, which is something like three days ahead of … Continue reading

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