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Breaking Yet Another Extended Silence: A Saga of Many Emotions

[Author’s Note: Honestly, i’m working on getting into a regular posting routine.  i really want to start posting at least once a week, if not more often.  Lately, though, i’ve just been blocked up entirely for writing.  i started a NaNoWriMo … Continue reading

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In Which It Occurs To Me That i Have Absolutely No Idea How To Meet Someone…

An ally friend of mine and i were having a conversation the other day.  We talked about a number of subjects, including this relatively new (at least as far as my being conscious of it is concerned) and often uncomfortable … Continue reading

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In Need of Contact

[Author’s Note: Well, this is another entry that has taken me days to actually write, and it’s really not that long.  i have serious writer’s block problems when it comes to talking about this sort of stuff, apparently…] This is going … Continue reading

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Why i’ve Been So Quiet Lately, Part II – Maybe i Should Have Called the Blog “Coming Out Four Times…”

[Author’s Note: Well, it’s been almost three months since i posted that introduction, and i’ve been using a lot of that time working on composing this entry, first letting it spin in my head for a long time and then … Continue reading

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Quickies: i’m a Mentor?! i’m a Mentor!

Recent developments have occurred… When i went to the party a week and a half or so ago, i met a brand-new-to-BDSM submissive.  She and i talked about a bunch of stuff, and after the play scene that i have … Continue reading

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Other People’s Work: “Let’s Talk About Bisexuality and Biphobia”

Read this!  Seriously.  Go read it right now.  This post about bisexuality and biphobia expresses the issue so much better than i probably ever could.  It is a great piece of writing.  Go read it!

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The Three Magic Words: A Shy Polyamorous Perspective

“i love you.” It’s a simple enough sentence… single-syllable words, subject-verb-object… writing it barely occupies any space at all. But this tiny, seemingly insignificant declarative sentence is one of the most powerful in the English language. It has the ability … Continue reading

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