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Not a Great Way To Start a New Year

[Author’s Note: Well, i’ve done it again… i’ve gone basically a full month without posting yet again, completely failing at posting with anything approaching regularity.  Maybe i need to make that one of my New Year’s Goals (i won’t say … Continue reading

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Breaking Yet Another Extended Silence: A Saga of Many Emotions

[Author’s Note: Honestly, i’m working on getting into a regular posting routine.  i really want to start posting at least once a week, if not more often.  Lately, though, i’ve just been blocked up entirely for writing.  i started a NaNoWriMo … Continue reading

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In Need of Contact

[Author’s Note: Well, this is another entry that has taken me days to actually write, and it’s really not that long.  i have serious writer’s block problems when it comes to talking about this sort of stuff, apparently…] This is going … Continue reading

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Quickies: Mid-November Check-In

So, yes, i have been very quiet in the world of WordPress lately.  This is mostly due to working on my novel for NaNoWriMo.  i’m right at about 35,000 words thus far, which is something like three days ahead of … Continue reading

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Quickies: Resetting The Clock, and An Update…

So… exactly one week ago i had another seizure.  This time, strictly speaking, i hadn’t missed any doses of my medication, though i did take one of my pills rather late.  Last Saturday night i spent a long time hanging out … Continue reading

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Quickies: This Is What Depression Does

[This is a new thing i’m trying…  i’m going to call them Quickies, and they’ll basically be short little things that don’t merit full 1,000+ word posts but i still feel a need to get off my chest.] Today, overall, … Continue reading

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