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Quickies: News Update 1/7/15 – UPDATED

Well, i had my neurologist appointment yesterday morning, and it was pretty good.  To begin with, the doctor said that my breakthrough seizure was probably at least partly due to my medication change, and my feeling fine since is more … Continue reading

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Not a Great Way To Start a New Year

[Author’s Note: Well, i’ve done it again… i’ve gone basically a full month without posting yet again, completely failing at posting with anything approaching regularity.  Maybe i need to make that one of my New Year’s Goals (i won’t say … Continue reading

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In Need of Contact

[Author’s Note: Well, this is another entry that has taken me days to actually write, and it’s really not that long.  i have serious writer’s block problems when it comes to talking about this sort of stuff, apparently…] This is going … Continue reading

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Flashback: “What Do You Mean ‘A Feeling Man?'”

Originally posted August 6, 2010. It’s occurred to me over the course of the past couple of days that i didn’t really explain what i meant by the title of my last entry, nor did i really explain why i … Continue reading

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