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Breaking Yet Another Extended Silence: A Saga of Many Emotions

[Author’s Note: Honestly, i’m working on getting into a regular posting routine.  i really want to start posting at least once a week, if not more often.  Lately, though, i’ve just been blocked up entirely for writing.  i started a NaNoWriMo … Continue reading

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In Which It Occurs To Me That i Have Absolutely No Idea How To Meet Someone…

An ally friend of mine and i were having a conversation the other day.  We talked about a number of subjects, including this relatively new (at least as far as my being conscious of it is concerned) and often uncomfortable … Continue reading

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In Need of Contact

[Author’s Note: Well, this is another entry that has taken me days to actually write, and it’s really not that long.  i have serious writer’s block problems when it comes to talking about this sort of stuff, apparently…] This is going … Continue reading

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Other People’s Work: “Let’s Talk About Bisexuality and Biphobia”

Read this!  Seriously.  Go read it right now.  This post about bisexuality and biphobia expresses the issue so much better than i probably ever could.  It is a great piece of writing.  Go read it!

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The Three Magic Words: A Shy Polyamorous Perspective

“i love you.” It’s a simple enough sentence… single-syllable words, subject-verb-object… writing it barely occupies any space at all. But this tiny, seemingly insignificant declarative sentence is one of the most powerful in the English language. It has the ability … Continue reading

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What The Hell Is Wrong With Me?

(Writer’s Note:  This entry deals obliquely with my sex life and BDSM proclivities.  It does not go into much detail, as it’s mostly about my current emotional condition, but those who wish to avoid any such content are advised to … Continue reading

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